Who Needs Toys?

If you look closely, you can see 2 little eyes peeking out of the box. That's Carver. And Lily and Zinabu were in there also, which is why it looks as if Carver's face is pressed up against the side of the box. This was the source of entertainment all weekend--so much so that we had 4 Time Outs because of "The Box." This is a great example of why I refuse to have a lot of toys in our house. Each kid has just enough to entertain themselves, but for the most part, my children have to create their own fun. Aren't I mean? Truth be told, they do create their own fun. All the time. The other big activity of the weekend was collecting apples in the alley behind our house. Our neighbors have 3 big apple trees that are groaning with fruit. The kids filled baskets and "decorated" our home. Each room has 4 or 5 apples in various places. I suspect today I'll be finding worms scooting around, as well. It was a great weekend together.

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