I, for one, am exhausted after scurrying around from forum to forum, discussing the issue of my previous post. After a lot of prodding, the director of AAI conceded that her website was not "worded" correctly and she did not mean to make it sound as if the Golliwogs were appropriate toys for children. However, she sees no problem in making a profit off these horrid beasties, and will continue to sell and distribute this racist "relic" of our weary society's past. She does not see this as an issue. To say I am horrified would be an understatement.

Moving on, we are enjoying the last few days of summer before school starts. Any wisp of an idea in mid-June that I should homeschool my kids is burned to a crisp by August!!!! We are all ready for school to start. Carver and Lily, especially. Wednesday night will be the back to school ice cream party, and they'll meet their teachers and see their classrooms. We are close friends with most of the staff, so it's always like a small family reunion. But Carver's teacher is new this year. I hope she's as amazingly wonderful and practically perfect in every way as I want her to be.

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Deirdre said...

Oh, Cathy, I'm so thoroughly saddened and disappointed by this whole mess—not just about the original offense (which is completely baffling given Merrily's incredible history of dedication and service), but especially by the reaction of some forum members who either support these dolls or dismiss/condemn the people who are horrified by them. Just when we think we've begun to make progress…