Bustin' Out!
Today is the first day of school and my kids were ready to walk out the door at 6:45 am, even though school didn't begin until 8. They were so happy and excited. Their teachers are incredible, their friends are happy, and Carver and Lily got off to a great start.

Unfortunately, Zinabu was horrified that we were leaving Lily at school and going back home without her. As much as we prepared him for Carver and Lily going back to school, he apparently didn't grasp what it would really be like. He was devastated--which I quickly remedied by letting him play with everyone else's toys back at home (shhhhhh!).

I, also, don't do transitions well when it comes to my kids. I've cried just 3 times today. A big improvement over last year when Lily started kindergarten and I sobbed my way through the produce aisle at the grocery store. About the time you get used to how fast your kids are growing up, they do something crazy--like start 3rd grade!!!--and I'm reaching for the Kleenex.

My garden is also growing. Pumpkins are abounding and the 7 foot sunflowers popped open this weekend. Aren't they lovely? Hope your day is splendid.

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vali said...

Titan starts preschool Monday and I expect to be an emotional wreck. My husband reminds me that it's just preschool, but it doesn't matter. Maybe it's a mom thing. :)