Blah, Blah, Blah

My computer is NOT cooperating and will not upload photos right now. Today no one liked the dinner I cooked (and no one said "thank you" either). Tears at bedtime when we told Lily (again) we are not getting a dog right now. My husband's shoes have been sitting by the back door for 3 days now. I'm playing a little game of "who will move them first, him or me?" and so far no one has touched them. The family room smells funky, and I suspect a lump of yogurt is dying under the couch. So... with nothing better to write about, I thought I'd give you 10 facts about me:

1. If I am alone in the car, I like to listen to the BBC, repeat what they say, and pretend I have a British accent.

2. I hate the taste of beer, but I will never turn down a good glass of wine.

3. I secretly love Lindsay Lohan movies.

4. I always, always, always have Pride and Prejudice by my bed to read. Even if I'm reading 5 other books, it's there "just in case."

5. I have lived in 7 states, and my favorite was Minnesota.

6. I still don't have a cell phone.

7. I have had the chicken pox twice.

8. I have to take prescription pills to get on an airplane. Seriously.

9. My favorite color is brown.

10. If I could eat anything in the world right now, it would be cheese tortellini with pesto and a strong cup of espresso. Mmmmmmmmm.


Heather & Adam said...

I know we are INSANE! And don't forget, I am also the matron of honor in my sister's wedding next month! Woohoo! :)
My favorite color is brown too!
And I really enjoyed Mean Girls. Shhh...

Chandra said...

You crack me up. I hate funky smells and if I'm in the wrong mood it can tick me off immediately. I had trouble uploading photo's tonight too but at one a.m. it worked fine.
Hope DH moves his shoes for you :)