Still Alive
Yes, I'm still here and alive. It's getting busy, and my blog just isn't as important as the "care and feeding" of children. Not to mention the laundry, errands, soccer practice, PTO duties, writing the newsletter, Bible study, etc. etc. etc. It's a fun time, elementary school. Most all the activities are fun without a lot of pressure. For example: soccer. We play on an average league, have one practice a week and one game a week. We all go as a family and cheer for Carver. But by the time we get to middle school, I'm sure there are 3 or 4 practices a week, with 2 games on weekends. And add 2 more kids' activities and it gets crazy. So I'm enjoying the "not so busy" busyness of life right now. Busy enough to keep us occupied, but never so crazy that we're all yelling at each other as we're walking out the door. That is not what I want.

Zinabu is due for his next round of immunizations. Because he has a terrible fear of nurses, doctors, and shots (because of his hospital stay) he is not a happy camper at the doctor's office. I hate to drag him in there, but I know I need to. If you hear high-pitched screaming later this week, you can bet it's Z getting some shots. Poor kid.


Jim Casperson said...

Absolutely doing it right. The younger kids will get excited about when they get to play/perform. Let us know when we can come and watch.

Orrange said...

Sam screamed bloody murder while at the doctor's office for his last appointment. I proceeded to tell the nurse that he has had some difficult experiences with doctors (two surgeries while in India, and trust me, I saw how the doctors were rough with the kids), and she proceeded to patronize me with her words and drippy "you naive little woman" smile. I wanted to smack her.
I'll keep Z in my prayers as you guys get his shots.
Glad you're enjoying what the school year brings you guys!