All Hail the Hail!
We had a great hail storm the other night. My kids are a little strange--they love when it hails. They like to collect the hail and eat it, save it in the freezer, make piles of hail, throw hail at each other. Our trampoline was covered with marble-sized pieces in about 30 seconds.

Caver, Lily, and Zinabu spent the rest of the evening playing with hail. You can see David's feet in the photo--he's collecting rain water in big buckets to water our garden and trees.

Zinabu is thriving. I wish we were the poster family for toddler adoption because it has been nothing but incredible joy. Not every family is so fortunate, of course, but overall--when you adopt from Ethiopia--the kids seem to adjust to their new families well. Zinabu is still very new to the United States, though, and the smallest things continue to thrill him. Like hail, for example. He also gets a big kick out of squirrels, books, the grocery store, Play-Doh, butterflies, Goldfish crackers, U2 songs (I swear I am not influencing him!), the swing set, and ice cubes...just to name a few. I am so fortunate to have Z in our lives, and I feel so grateful that we never gave up during the adoption process. To those of you who are still waiting for your referrals--hang in there!

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