Gulf Of Mexico, Volume 1
I could bore you with all 129 pictures that I took on our vacation, but that would be mean of me. Instead, I'll start off with our "real" pictures... you know, the ones that truly capture the real family vacation. I'll definitely show you my favorites later this week, but for now please join me on our trip to Texas.
In Dallas after 12 hours of driving. The kids were zombies. They're actually standing on the grass next to the road where JFK was shot, but it took them a while to appreciate the moment. Note the brown spot on Lily's pants from the massive bloody nose she had somewhere after Amarillo.
On a tour at the Houston Space Center. David is trying to keep the boys from touching one another.
We found an old London telephone booth, which was as close as I was going to get across the pond this spring break. Please note that Carver was not happy. Does he look 13 or what?

Typical. I ask them to smile and I get this.

Feel free to caption this. Between the stair step pose, Zinabu's missing body, Carver's face, and David's "are we having fun yet" expression, I am at a loss about where to begin.

I was trying to take a sweet profile picture of my youngest, but he never stops talking. He was actually talking to the stick here.

This photo looks innocent enough, but Lily wanted to be in the picture alone and was mad as a wet hen that Zinabu weaseled in on her turf.

Hilarious. David in seventh heaven with his three pound cajun crawfish feast, Zinabu liberally dumping hot sauce on his  plate when he thinks no one is looking, and Carver watching the both of them, wondering why they eat the way they do.

Perfection. Despite the momentary grumbles, this was our what we spent most of our time doing. It was wonderful!


hotflawedmama said...

yay! looks like you guys had fun. I'm wondering if your kids could possibly have longer legs, they all look so tall! love it.

rebekah said...

Love them all.

Melodie Monberg said...

I loved the photos but the descriptions were priceless! Can't wait to see more pictures. So glad you had a great time!!!

Bridget said...

LOVE these. Thank you for sharing. I can totally "feel" the trip. xo