Night of the Notables
Every year the 7th graders at Carver's school have a project called Night of the Notables. Each student chooses a notable figure from Medieval or Ancient history and spends a month researching, writing, and presenting their figure. The hard work all culminates in one evening when the students dress as their notable and must be "in character" as their notable. Parents and family roam the school meeting different students and listening to them as they answer questions about who they are and their accomplishments in history.

Out of all the figures in history, Carver chose Jesus. We know a lot about Jesus around here, but it was uber cool to watch Carver dig into his radical teachings, outreach to the poor and women, and his impact on society.

When the big night came, we all went to Carver's school to participate.
The scene in the cafeteria. Lily and Z are at the bottom of the photo, wondering where to go next. My mom had the best time of all. We lost her about five minutes into the evening. As a former teacher, she was in her element.
Carver as Jesus! We lucked out with the costume--an old sheet from Goodwill. I especially loved his hair
that night. Jesus was proud, I'm sure.
 (If you look close, you can see Carver was chewing gum. Rock on, gum-chewing Jesus. Rock on.)

Carver's best friend, Lyndon. He was Mohandas Gandhi. Can you stand it? Oh my gosh, I love him so much.
 It was such a cool evening, and despite how much work it was, Carver loved the entire project.


Mark and Sarah said...

Dang, Carver is cool.

Kim said...

Awesome learning experience. I'm lovin' the gum-chewing, hair-rockin' Jesus. He so would've chewed gum. I just know it.

hotflawedmama said...

I love everything about this Post. Amazing work Carver and mama!

Carlyn Girl said...

Wow I love that project, it looks like a success.

Melodie Monberg said...

What an amazing school project...we never did anything close to this in my school growing up! Love the entire idea!