White Girls CAN Dance
Friday night our elementary school held a sock hop. It. Is. Adorable. The kids spend two weeks in P.E. and music class learning a variety of dances--everything from the hand jive to the Electric Slide. Then they have a 50's style sock hop and get to dance the night away. They dress up and have a hula hoop contest, too. I learned a few very important things on Friday night.

1. Lily's friends can dance.
2. Lily... not so much.

Lily is incredibly athletic and if she put her mind to it, she could easily excel at several sports. Lily loves music and has always hammed it up when we're dancing in the kitchen. However, Lily is more reserved in public, therefore she does not leave it all on the dance floor. While Lily's friends showed their "moves like Jagger," Lily conservatively stuck to the running man and hopping from left to right. She likes to play it safe.

Lily with her friends Maddy and Bailey.

Lily about 2 seconds behind in the YMCA motions.
  I was mostly happy to see Lily having fun at school. It has been the most difficult year for her in so many areas, I was thrilled to watch her smile and giggle and just be a 10 year old girl. After the dance, Lily's friends spent the night and kept the party going. One of these days I'll get her to loosen up, I just know it!


Rachel said...

Awwww. She's so cute in her little outfit!! And I love the title. :) Glad she got to giggle and laugh and be a ten year old girl. Prayers and hugs for you!

hotflawedmama said...

that is seriously precious. That sounds so much like Tomas, God bless him. :)