Gulf Of Mexico, Volume 2

I am so happy to tell you that we had a fabulous spring break. Fabulous. There was one evening when David and I briefly discussed what we would have been doing in London, but only once. Every other minute was spent with our kids and each other, cramming in some serious family time, enjoying how relaxed we were, and creating great memories. While the car trip was long, I know Carver, Lily, and Zinabu will always look back on this vacation as one of their favorites. They were superb travelers, despite being cooped up for two days each way in our van. On our way home they actually got so slap-happy we thought Zinabu would suffocate from laughing so hard.

We left Colorado reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy early on Saturday morning and drove all day to just outside of Dallas. We stopped to play at a park and eat lunch.
 We made sure to drive through downtown Dallas to visit the site of JFK's assassination. It was amazing how small the road is... how close to the president people could be... how different it was back then. Carver doesn't know it, but he's a bit of a history buff and enjoys facts. I especially love this photo of David explaining what happened on that terrible day in Dallas.
 Then I wanted to know what this little cabin was all about and I laughed out loud when all three of my children began to whine that they were tired and hungry and didn't care.

We made it to Galveston the next day, by late morning. We wanted to take advantage of a huge water park that was open. The weather was sunny, hot, and the kids had a ball.

After a day of some hard core water slides and swimming, we settled into our beach house. The views, the fact that our kids could be right on the water, and the fact that we had hour after hour of time just to look for shells was priceless. We spotted dolphins, lots of pelicans, a few jellyfish, and plenty of crabs. It was like Jacques Cousteau was there with us.

So we "beached" it to our hearts content, and we also were able to fit in a couple of day trips to the Houston Space Center and Moody Gardens.

Coming home was hard. Zinabu especially was not ready for our vacation to be done. We still had plenty of fun on the drive home, but I was tired of eating "on the road." Food just got gross after a while.

Thank you, Texas. We loved you!


Vivi said...

How fun to read about your trip...the real moments, the from-a-postcard moments...and everything in between. You all SO deserved the time away - thrilled for you that it turned out so well.

P.S. I DIG Carver's hair. DIG.IT.

hotflawedmama said...

that sounds amazing!!! so happy you had such a good trip. so, so happy.