Back To Blogging... Sort Of
We got our computer back, up and running, just in time to get ready to leave for Texas for the week. I miss blogging. I miss it because it's a way for me to journal and to write little updates on the kids, vent about what's happening in the world that I disagree with, and post goals and dreams. Plus I love reading your comments--like little notes in my mailbox each day from friends far and near.

We are T-minus 2.5 days until we leave for Texas. It's hard to believe that the original plans were a trip to London for me and David. That feels like a lifetime ago. Lily is doing okay, and I sincerely thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We're actually thankful for a week off all together as a family. I can't wait to see the beach and explore and eat junk food and watch David relax from his insanely stressful job. Plus no homework. No helping with 7th grade math, which manages to stump me most nights. It doesn't matter where we're going, as long as there's no homework.

I like to put off our packing until the last minute, because no matter how prepared I am, it all really boils down to those last few hours. Also, we have to bring our own bedding and towels, so there's no reason to get that ready now. But that also means I will be running around like a headless chicken all day on Friday. Feel free to come over and watch me. It should be quite entertaining.

I'll blog as much as I can between now and then. I hope you're all doing well.

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hotflawedmama said...

glad you're back. and glad for your trip. :)