There just aren't enough hours in the day to appreciate all of Zinabu. I have stories of this kid that would knock your socks off. He is goofy and wild, but combine that with his smart-as-a-whip brain and you've got a wicked cocktail of crazy.

This is what he was doing this morning. Reading the grocery circulars. He saw that chicken was on sale and was hopping up and down in excitement.

Zinabu is going to enjoy his play date with Sidamo next week. They can browse the grocery circulars together.

The other night my mom put Zinabu to bed (love living with my mom!) and he was a little sad so she began singing to him. Sweet lullabies and gentle words. He interrupted her and asked, "Do you know any songs about the Grinch?"


And in keeping with "Strange But True Medical Mysteries" that my children continue to experience, I was helping Z brush his teeth a few weeks ago and screamed when I saw that his permanent bottom teeth are growing in behind his baby teeth. He has teeth in rows. Like a shark. He is shark boy.

Which means many more hours in the orthodontist's office, as well as a huge part or our take-home pay. It's hard to tell in the photo, but those new teeth are a good half inch behind his baby teeth, which are still in his mouth and are not budging. We talk in whispers about "the dentist pulling his teeth" when we think Z can't hear us.

It sound bizarre, but given all the crazy medical drama my kids have, I would welcome someone just falling out of a tree and breaking their arm. Sounds delightful. But no. Next week I am taking Lily to the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist because she has severe bloody noses, up to 5 times a day. She is a walking Red Cross donation center. She's already had surgery once to cauterize her nose. Perhaps a second procedure is on the horizon?

Oh goody.


Deirdre said...

Oh my. Sidamo and Zinabu will definitely have fun together next week—except how will either get a word in?

Sarah said...

I keep seeing the two-row of teeth syndrome lately! (I never remember seeing this as a kid myself.) So Zinabu certainly has company. Our dentist said that their tongue will help push the teeth into place. This happened to Audrey with one of her bottom teeth. We did lots of urging for her to work that baby tooth out!

Orthodontics will be in our future as well. Greta's got a killer set of buck teeth. Oh, the joy.

Christina said...

I had a double row on top. One surgery and a set of braces later, I have *mostly* normal teeth ;). You do seem to have good luck in the unusual medical needs department.

Mark and Sarah said...

He is certainly one of a kind! Sorry you have so many expensive medical procedures to deal with!!!

Vivi said...

I was shark girl. After 17 teeth pulled, headgear, braces, and a mouthguard, I'm good as new.

And doesn't the Grinch cheer everyone up...and, well, chicken on sale? Yippee!