I don't know if "delishiest" is a word, but it sure suits my day. Making strawberry shortcake with Lily and reading mindless fiction on the sunny back porch. Gah. This warm weather is spoiling me. It's so fantastic. Yesterday I was a little aggressive and did yard work--all day--and by last night I was a walking zombie. The kids pitched in, then would disappear and make forts or play games, and reappear in need of food and water. One thing I love about my mom's house is that the yard work is not nearly as hard as our old house. So working my tail off for one day was hardly a sacrifice. It felt good. My only job left is to build a garden box with lumber and fill it with black dirt. And since I'm not attempting seedlings this year, I don't have to worry about that for another month.

After church, all I *had* to do today was go to the grocery store. Lily and I stumbled upon vats of strawberries and we cooked up (ha, ha!) a scheme to make strawberry shortcake from scratch. I then spent the rest of the afternoon listening to my kids playing in the trees while I read drivel outside. It... was... heavenly.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of Zinabu, our shark boy. (There's a story there.)

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Old Men Reflect said...

Okay it is April 14. Where the hell is shark boy?