Here we are, just two gals in a minivan... off to see the ear, nose, and throat doctor. The errands I run these days. They're thrilling! Lily was pretty pleased to see Gummy Worms were just 39 cents at Walgreens. When we left for the doctor, it was raining and slushy. As we got closer to the doctor's office, the slush turned to snow. While we were in with the doctor, the snow turned into a blizzard. We had a hard time driving home, but Lily entertained me with tales of Drew at school.

Drew is a boy. Drew is in her 3rd grade class. I think Drew likes Lily. Drew wrote Lily a note. He told her "your skin is a beautiful brown like a Hershey Kiss."

He luvvvvvvvs her. Lily, the private, shy, and over-emotional girl that she is, was not impressed. She cried.

Oh, the drama.

After a tremendous co-pay to the ear, nose, and throat specialist, we were told that Lily has nosebleeds. Duh! He gave us some treatment options, the homeopathic ones being best. He also told us she has a significant deviated septum and surgery is a likelihood when she's a teenager. Oh glory.

The kids didn't have school today (teacher work day) so the weather is nothing but a chance to be lazy. Right now Carver and I are snuggled up watching a movie, Zinabu is playing with his action figures and yelling things like, "Shazam!" and "Chopper!" and "Kryptonite!" and Lily is playing with the dog.

Happy Friday.

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