Assume The Position

Saturday mornings are sacred around here. We try not to participate in any activity that requires us to be somewhere before 10:00 am. Actually, we try to not participate in any activity that requires us to be anywhere on a Saturday, but sometimes that cannot be avoided. Saturdays are the one day of the week we are all together and can just chill. No worries. No stress. No expectations. I love it.

It's also the one day the kids can plop down in front of the TV without permission. I expect it of them. I expect them to zone out and just relax. I expect them to be mindlessly entertained while I drink coffee and read the paper.

No one takes this more seriously than Zinabu. (see above photo for evidence)


Tarah said...

I love that you are like this. We are too. :) Our kids LOVE having chill time. Sometimes I feel so lazy for it, but most the time I just enjoy!

Old Men Reflect said...

Good thing you guys are not Seventh Day Adventists.

Chatter said...

Relaxing Saturday mornings are quite splendid. Unfortunately this morning was spent at the grocery store and I'm hoping for more organizing and cleaning this afternoon :) Enjoy your weekend!