I'm having a hard time blogging because I'm having a hard time seeing... and breathing... thanks to spring allergies. This is a new thorn in my side. Spring used to be a pleasant time. Right now I look like I have pink-eye and a serious sinus issue. Good thing David pledged to love me no matter what. He left this morning while I was still in my crazy pajamas (a Harry Potter t-shirt and too small sweat pants) and blowing my nose in between 100 sneezes. I wanted to call out, "Wait! I can be pretty. Just give me an hour!" But he had to leave for work. (Note to self: try to look pretty when he gets home tonight.)

Ina Garten's ears must be buzzing because I've been cooking every single meal from her recipes. I have avoided the scale, especially after last night's lemon cake, but the food is good therapy for my itchy eyes. So far the sauteed zucchini and Indonesian chicken have been my favorites.

I am struggling through another editing project. It is painfully boring but it will help pad the vacation fund. Big plans there. BIG plans. Fortunately one of the cable channels has been airing Sense and Sensibility every day, so I keep that on in the background and cheer for Colonel Brandon and boo at Mr. Willoughby. The lines I've memorized keep me alert, especially when I use my British accent. A little Austen makes the time go by.

So our big travel plans, while years away, are to visit London. Though that involves a lengthy plane trip, I can NOT wait. David and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next year, and two years from now we have "big" birthdays. What better way to celebrate than to hop across the pond. So for now, more boring work projects to fund the trip.

My other goal? Grow my hair out one more time and wear it in a ponytail as I ride the Underground. Think I'll be able to do it?


rebekah said...

sorry about your nose. and your eye.

London, however, sounds quite amazing. It's on my list - but we have a few more trips to Ethiopia first.

Chatter said...

Good stuff! My little sister has been studying in London for a year and loves it! My folks went over to visit and had a wonderful time as well. Good luck with the allergies. Mine lasted a month in OK but thankfully it's behind me now.

Melodie Monberg said...

Ah London...LOVE that city...make sure you get to Oxford...you will reek of academia as well as have some of the best fish and chips to be had! Cheering your saving on!

Feel better!

Bridget said...

I have never been to a city I have loved more than London. It fed my soul. I am so excited for you. Anytime we accidently missed a tube stop, we'd walk up the stairs and discover an entirely new and awesome neighborhood. You just can't make a mistake in that city. LOVE. Sooooo looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days!!

jayme said...

I love London. I was there when I was 16, but only for a couple of days. I've always wanted to go back, and Jon's dying to go.

I recently made a list of 10 places that I must see before I die, with the goal of getting to one each year. It's an ambitious list, and they can't all be family vacations (for both money and sanity reasons), but I'm hoping that at least half of them will.

Vivi said...

Sorry the allergies have you feeling and looking less than your usual lovely self. I've some very mild version myself and it's very annoying...I can't imagine a severe case like yours, poor girl.

You know I'm so proud of you for hittin' the Ina recipes.

Sometime, I'd love for you to send me an email with what this editing "stuff" is that you do. I'm intrigued and wonder if it's something I could do at some point...sounds potentially right up my alley.

Sarah said...

Your London trip sounds like a dream. Hooray for you guys! I wonder when a trip like that is in the works for us...I have no problem leaving the kids, it's more the issue of relying on family to watch them for the length of time we'd want to be away!