We are rockin' the nice weather. It snowed yesterday (yes, you read that right), but today and the next week are slated to be bee-you-ti-ful. We're taking no prisoners. We will leave no stone unturned. No bug unprodded. No puddles unslplashed. No bikes unridden, skateboards unollied, sidewalks unchalked.

You get the picture.

Hard to believe but summer is right around the corner. Time to start figuring out how scheduled we should be so the kids don't kill each other we want to be to have a happy, fulfilling summer.

David and I were idiots last night. We had to run a super fast errand and came right back home and then I realized we didn't even stop to get ice cream. What married couple with kids gets a chance to leave the house at night for a boring errand but doesn't take advantage of the moment and get ice cream??? Us, apparently.

And in a hilarious "Recently Overheard" report, I heard this from the neighbor boy in a conversation with David.

David: "Hi Nick! How are you?""
Nick: "Are you the dad or the grandpa?"


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