Wrapping Up 30 Days of Nothing

Lest you think avoiding stores has kept consumerism at bay, Lily likes to leave the above signs all over the house--attached to sticks. She likes to make hats and masks and necklaces, etc., and sell her wares to anyone willing to part with their nickels and dimes.
I have 2 more days to go in my challenge. Since I began on Nov. 3, I am ending on Dec. 3. I have a haircut appointment on Thursday afternoon, but it's close enough. And who's really counting minutes?
All of my kids need pants in one form or another. Carver needs a new lamp. (His blew a fuse--of course.) The car desperately needs to be washed. I want a peppermint latte. I need socks. We have no vitamins. I owe my mom stamps. I missed some killer deals at Amazon.com. My hair makes me look like a wookie. However, we saved way more than I expected and I don't really need to go out on December 4th and replenish an entire household of goods. I want to make sure that when I do start spending again, it's not a knee-jerk reaction and that I ease back into the consumer world with care. I'm just saying.
I had a head-smacking moment yesterday. The kind where you're jawing about something and, ping! A lightbulb goes off over your head and you realize you've acted like a noodle-brain. I was jealous of someone else's wealth. Someone I know that was able to afford something extravagant that our family cannot. And I was grumbling about how lucky they were and wishing I could have some of what they had. And it hit me. I was being ungrateful and, in a word, lame. I reeled in my wayward thoughts and recalled that I have enough. More than enough. And to just shut it, already.
I am already considering repeating 30 Days of Nothing in January. Apparently, I still need the lesson.


Melodie Monberg said...

I have learned reading your journey and will be hitting the road, so to say, in January. It is going to be my Money Marathon (since any othe marathon will not be happening any time soon). Thank you for continuing to be honest, REAL and helping me continue to see the MANY, MANY things I have. I grow so jealous at times. And I feel the same way, pathetic.

Thank you!


Vivi said...

Seriously? Again? Next month? That is some big time restraint and discipline. I'm dumbfounded...really.

Courtney O. said...

we're doing it in january!!! :)

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Can I get a close-up shot of the before and after hair?