The Christmas Tree--2009 Edition

We like to wait until mid-December before we break out the Christmas decor, so Sunday was the day we went to get our Christmas tree. We did something different this year. We drove into the mountains to chop down our tree. The forest service sells $10 permits and gives you a map of areas that are designated for cutting. Our little environmentalist, Lily, was horrified that we would be cutting down some animal's home until we explained that that forest rangers want us to do this to prevent forest fires, which would result in mass destruction of all animal homes and the poor squirrels and birds would be devastated*, and she was mollified. (*yes, we stretched the truth there but it was either that or watch her chain herself to the tree we selected.)

We bundled up and for some reason all wore Santa hats. I wore one, too, which is why there are no photos of me. Here are my little elves.

And big daddy-o. Does he look happy or what?

On the drive up the pass. Who is having the most fun in this photo? The dog, because he has a whole seat to himself.

Walking in to choose a tree. In a fine family moment, Lily is hitching up her snow pants. That girl's waist is the size of a toothpick and she spends a lot of her waking moments pulling up her pants.

We were not looking for the perfect tree. To be honest, when you cut down a tree in the mountains they're all a little sparse in the "branches department". We went for height, because we have huge vaulted ceilings in our living room.
I don't know if it's legal to post this photo. Carver is wielding an axe. He was VERY proud of himself because he chopped the tree down all on his own.

Triumph! He was a huge help

Lily helping.

Zinabu helping.

The piney woods. It was a gorgeous day.
The final product at home.

This tree is huge. Almost 12 feet. It is gangly and dorky, kind of like our family so it's actually a perfect fit. What I love about it is that every time we look at it we think of our shared experience of cutting it down and spending the afternoon together. You can't beat that.


Mark and Sarah said...

Funny, but I love that tree! It's really beautiful. What a fun day you had too.

Julie said...

It's beautiful, as are you guys.

Old Men Reflect said...

Axes are fun. Ask Uncle Richard.

I kept waiting for Chevy Chase to break out in " Boughs of Holly"-take it Russ.

Fun, fun, fun.

Chatter said...

That's wonderful Cathy!! The tree is pretty darn perfect if you ask me! Way to go mighty Carver on cutting it down.

Vivi said...

And this is why we cut one down every year here too. We don't have the gorgeous mountain backdrop that you do...but the family experience is fun, huh? The tree looks great!

When we were getting our tree this year, there was a family with several high school/college aged kids and everyone had on a Santa hat. I loved it and said I'm buying hats for the 4 of us for next year's tree-mission.

hotflawedmama said...

I think it could go without saying that I love the tree. There is definitely something about doing that kind of thing...just wonderful.