I am sitting here at our dining room table (well, it's my mom's table but you know what I mean) and thought this scene pretty much sums up our week so far. I'm drinking endless cups of coffee and tea, we're playing endless games of Uno, and we're putting together a big puzzle whenever we feel like it. The days are leisurely and sweet. We are beyond fortunate that David works for the same school district our kids attend, so he has the same "time off" that they do. I use the term "time off" loosely because he keeps going back to his office to get stuff done, but in theory we're all on vacation mode.

Tonight we will make our annual donut run and tour the city for Christmas lights. We usually do it in our pajamas, since that adds the flair of illicit behavior. It's supposed to begin snowing this afternoon and continue through tomorrow. Hoo-double-ray! I love the snow. It will probably be 55 and sunny by Christmas, but for now we'll take the winter weather.

Carver has rebounded after the stomach flu. So far (am I jinxing myself by even mentioning this???) no one else has gotten sick. We're grateful for each other, grateful for the Season, and grateful for food, a home, and heat. My heart is heavy for Ethiopia right now and the thousands and thousands of children who still need a family. And the children in every other nook and cranny of the world who need a family.

Have you considered adoption? Would you consider it? Please????


Chatter said...

You know how to do it up! I love it. I started a puzzle the other day but since then have yet to tackle it. Maybe Christmas Eve I'll get back to it. Looks like you guys know how to relax and I think it's fantastic. Enjoy the snow (I'm jealous) and your beautiful kiddo's. Happy Holidays!

jayme said...

#1. you and your entire family are simply awesome. I just love the fun and sweet and relaxing things you do to spend time together.

#2. Please tell me that your "annual donut run" involves the Donut Mill. I miss that place!

Vivi said...

Love, love, love your idea of donuts, pjs and Christmas lights. We've attempted a lame version of that (aka...no donuts!) - but this has inspired me to try again.

Your kids have a great mama. :)

Old Men Reflect said...

Enjoy these times when your children are young. These memories can never be replicated. Christmas with children is a joy beyond belief.

Have a Merry Christmas and give each one a hug for me.

We all remember the Christmas family things when we were kids. I hope you let them have toast dunked in hot chocolate.