It's Really Cold

See that number on the bottom of our thermostat? Minus 12 degrees. The big storm that is attacking most of the country came through Colorado from Sunday through Tuesday. And the temperatures have not been kind. We've had a lot of snow (which I love) and bitter cold (which I thought I was done with when I left Minnesota). The kids and I have loved the snow day and delayed starts. I'm a much better person when I have a slow morning and don't have to make everyone's breakfasts, snacks, and lunches by 6:45 am. But with hunkering down comes cabin fever, plus our 30 Days of Nothing in November, and we haven't been out to do much lately. So I told the kids we would go somewhere fun after school. Somewhere warm. Which resulted in the following:

Indoor mini-glow golf. For reasons I can't explain my children love this place. It gives me a headache. It also gives me a chance to examine all the lint on my clothes that shows up under that black lights.

We got hot chocolate, looked at the mall Santa (who my kids think is hilarious) and played golf. We even snuck in a little shopping time for Nana. I had to steer them away from the glass dolphin they all insisted she would love. I think I convinced them it was breakable and Buddy might eat it. They solemnly nodded their head in agreement and we chose something much more... uh, practical.

I hope you're all staying warm.


Carrie said...

LOL - I have a friend who moved here from Minnesota and said the same thing... "We moved here to get away from the snow and cold!" :)

rebekah said...

I thought being packed and out the door at 7:30 was difficult. Which it is, for me.

Melodie Monberg said...

My kids always beg to go there. I quickly sidetrack them with the pet store. You are a good Mommy to actually enter in and play!

Vivi said...

Man...I thought regular mini golf was bad...good for you, mom! And it is C-O-L-D here too! Eek.

Old Men Reflect said...

Thanks for inviting me. I would love indoor golf with not being able to see. Old people can't see at the litones.

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You will like it

Anonymous said...

Mostly I am impressed that your inside temp is 62! I have to fight the urge to turn mine up to 70! Our house has bad circulation...

Merry Christmas!
Jennifer Scott