Zinabu Is Six!!!
What a sweetie pie I have. He woke up before the crack of dawn, so I spent some time snuggling with him in bed. He could hardly wait for the sun to come up. Being 6 is, apparently, a big deal. We had a fantastic day together, and I was able to do it all without spending a dime. But I don't want that to take away from the fact that I would do anything for him.

Zinabu helped me by licking the beaters, and Buddy helped Zinabu by keeping him on task.

Homemade cake. I love my bundt pan. LOVE it!!! We always make bundt cakes. Maybe because they remind me of donuts???

I have a box with party/gift wrap supplies. There were plenty of streamers and balloons, and even though red and yellow may not have been Zinabu's first color choice, he didn't care.

Goodie bags. I, personally, hate the birthday party goodie bag. Who started this? We've always been ones to have a birthday party at home, until just last year--when we moved and were showing the house and had to have Lily's party at the rollerskating rink. We reminded Z that when Carver and Lily were both in kindergarten, they had a small party (with family) to celebrate their birthdays. He was just fine with keeping it low key. I used tissue paper and string to "bag up" random treats I found around the house--unused glow sticks from Halloween, candy, a pack of gum--and voila! Goodie Bag. What kid would really complain when they get a whole pack of gum????

Silver-spray painted Burger King crown we picked up. Yes, I have silver spray paint. He wore it most of the day. He wanted a cake with green frosting, so I delivered. I freaked out when I realize I had only 5 birthday candles, so my brother cut one in half and saved me from having to light a matchstick and stick that in the cake. Note candles are pink and green. That's what I had so that's what I used. I've always felt Miami Vice was a good look for a cake.

This happy kid after opening his presents. I bought ALL of them in September when Target was putting things on clearance. I found several things on his wish list and have been hiding them in my closet. Pretty neat, don't you think? Zinabu and I both had a fantastic day. No stress for me, we kept it simple, and all Zinabu knew was that we were happy and excited for him.

What else was free? This birthday song from the cuties in Chicago. I am beyond blessed.


Chatter said...

Happy Birthday Z!!! Cathy, loving your house!! It looks so cozy and warm. And full of LIGHT! I love that.

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Happy Birthday Z, sounds like it was a wonderful day!

Vivi said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Z!! Way to go, mom. You did a great job and he looks so happy with all the attention - fun day! Once again...you are sooooo resourceful!

Melodie Monberg said...

way to go with your party! I just thought...what are you going to do about Edward on the 21st? How are you going to wait to see that movie?


Cindy said...

You are amazing! Seriously! You are inspiring me to get more creative with what I already have around the house!
And - Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! How can he possibly be 6 already?! My goodness he's growing up fast!