The First Dilemma

Back in October, before I began my no-spending spree, I ordered family pictures with a "we've moved and happy holidays" message. I wanted to get these out before Thanksgiving so all our friends have our new address. So yay me for being organized and getting that checked off my to-do list. However, I did not buy stamps back in October. (Insert sound of wheels turning and head smacking against wall.) What to do? What to do?

Here's my solution. I borrow stamps from my mom and repay her in December. Fortunately my mom still buys stamps in rolls of 100, so there are plenty around. I, who email and pay bills online, couldn't find a stamp to save my life! I guess I'm fortunate there are stamps in the house, otherwise I would need to go buy them, because these letters have to go out this week. I'm also fortunate that my mom shares her stamps. Thanks, mom.

I am very surprised at how easy it is to just stay away from stores. I think it's because I know that it will all still be there on December 1st. But I had to give up on an international craft fair here in town that is supposed to be amazing--it would have been a great place to pick up a few Christmas presents for my kids' teachers, and I especially love buying items that have been handmade in other cultures. Oh well. There's always next year...


Old Men Reflect said...

How not to buy: Do not carry cash, credit card, debit card or checkbook.
Tell the kids you will give them 25 cents over the next two weeks if they catch you buying anything other than clothes for them, food or gasoline.

Of course, I can't help you when it comes to not drinking.

Melodie Monberg said...

Do tell me where this fair is though...I need creative simple gifts...rampart? Where?