Day 16

Aside from my youngest making odd comments about alcohol and my oldest wanting to go to sleep-away camp, here's the latest on my No Spending Challenge.

Just today, here are the opportunities I've had to spend:
  • T-shirt sale at the kids' school.
  • Book fair at the kids' school.
  • Forgot to eat breakfast and passed a Panera Bread and almost lost my marbles.
  • Looking for clearance/sale items to use as stocking stuffers and holiday gifts.
  • The car is filthy after our last snow storm, but no car wash for me. (And we've stored our hoses away for winter so I can't do it myself.)
  • The inside of the car is filthy (why do Labs shed so much???) and I can't scrounge around for quarters to pay for the car wash vacuums.
  • Jayme's suggestion of this, which is pricey but I'd wear it forever and ever and can't imagine a better necklace.
  • A much-needed haircut.
  • Last chance to see Harry Potter at the dollar theater.
  • New pencils that Lily's teacher asked the parents to bring to school because they've already run low.

That last one makes me feel like a heel. But I promised myself I would buy a truckload of pencils come Dec. 1st. But even though I had all those chances to buy, I don't miss anything. Not one bit. The car can stay dirty. Who cares about my hair. The kids already have 50 t-shirts, and I'll ask David to get me the necklace for Christmas. I am astounded at how in control and on top of life I feel these days. I feel like I've taken charge of something (my own consumerism) and whipped it into submission. It's very freeing. And the money we're saving... oiy!


Melodie Monberg said...

Love the post...almost to the end of the month..and love the new family photo!

PS Following your journey has me 50% committed to do this in January.

Vivi said...

I love this concept, but think I would fail miserably. You are a rock star.

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Hey did you change the family picture on the side of your blog? Your family picture is GREAT!

Heather said...

cathy! i am so imspired. i hate how ruled i am by my own shipping habits. but it's the holidays. HOW can i start now?? this would help us out so much financially. adam would jump up and down if i started this.