I Spent Money Today--And I'm Mad!

Recently, Carver has become very interested in skateboarding. The weather in Colorado is nice year round, so at any given time you can find Carver boarding down the street or at a skateboard park, or begging me to take him to a skateboard park. We encourage our kids in ANY endeavor that gets them outside and exercising, so we love that he's practicing his skills. After receiving some birthday money, he bought a new skateboard--and fortunately for him it was on sale. Unfortunately for him it was defective and the board began falling apart soon after he started using it. Today I took him (with the board) back to the store where he bought it. The store was very kind and admitted it was defective and told Carver to pick out another board. So he did. But the skateboards they had in stock were not on sale... so there was a difference to be paid.


So I paid it.

It absolutely killed me to pay it. And I had to catch myself to not get overly angry because it was just money and my child was more important at that moment. But I wanted to be honest and let you all know what happened. The challenge doesn't stop. I'm still going strong and will not stop on December 1st. I'm going the whole 30 days--so my last day of no spending will be December 3rd.

And on December 4th I will be getting a haircut.

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Vivi said...

I'm sure all of your readers will cut you some slack. :) And, your little fella is probably thrilled.