Our Thankful Tree
During the month of November we try to remember what we're thankful for. In the past I've made a tree by finding small branches out in the yard and letting the kids glue paper leaves to them. This year I drew a tree on our chalk wall. Each night, after dinner, I ask the kids to think of something they're thankful for and then they get to "hang" their leaf on the tree.

This is what Zinabu has added so far... Having a family and having a great life.

What a love. And to think--he's the one who has blessed us, not the other way around.


Stacy said...

oh my goodness. isn't he something!

Julie said...

What a great idea, and what a sweet boy.

Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

Oh my! The tree is an excellent idea, but Z's comments got me crying! I can tell, just from your posts, that he is such a blessing to your family...and you can see from HIS thankfulness, that YOU are a serious blessing to him. That alone makes you & Uncle David GREAT parents!

Vivi said...

Love it. Love him.

I covet your chalkboard wall...still need to find the right place at my house.