Day 2 (of not buying anything)

Today was a fairly easy day, as I had no errands to run and therefore no stores to encounter. I spent a lot of time at the kids' school. However, I did have to cancel a haircut appointment that was scheduled for this afternoon. That's not a big deal today, but now that my hair is short it needs to be cut more frequently--so by the end of November I will be feeling pretty shaggy. Not sure how I'll feel about that.

Last night it occurred to me that Target is now having their 75% off sale on Halloween items. I ALWAYS hit this sale the week after Halloween, because my kids love to dress up so much. I love to find the odd wig, crown, sword, or cape. We have a huge bin filled with dress-up costumes, and my kids can still spend full afternoons in imaginary play. I also adore Halloween decorations--the pumpkins, the orange lights, the cute placemats. This is when I stock up for next year. So I'm trying not to think about that sale. I'm hoping that by not being in Target this week I won't see what I'm missing, and therefore won't know what great deals I'm foregoing.



hotflawedmama said...

If it makes you feel any better our Target didn't have anything great leftover this year. You're safe. :)

Stacy said...

yeah they didn't have great left overs in Mpls either. I went to shop for 75% off dress up clothes and left with two 75% off halloween cupcake mixes. It's pretty amazing the little things we spend money on. Good job Cathy, keep it up!

Vivi said...

I totally agree with hotflawedmama and Stacy...I browsed the Halloween clearance stuff at Target and bought one bag of candy corn Hershey kisses for my kids. This is a good year to miss!

Courtney O. said...

the best move for me was to stay out of target completely during the entire month. Too much temptation for me. You're doing great!