Me: bad cold
Carver: bad cold
Zinabu: bad cold
Lily: getting the bad cold
Buddy: giardia (imagine the worst and then multiply it by 1,000)

It's kind of disgusting at our house, so be glad you're not visiting.


Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

Well it sounds like Unca David is still healthy? Maybe he will be able to pass his healthy germs on to the rest of you so you all can combat your nasty colds! I hope you all start to feel better very, very, very soon!!!!

jayme said...

Feel better soon!

Chatter said...

Chandra: Cold.
I think I've sneezed at least 100 times today. And each sneeze results in me wishing Conner's birth could have gone a little differently (my bladder control is not so great now).

Hope you all get feeling better soon!

Vivi said...

Well, not having a dog at our house, I was not familiar with giardia and googled it.

And while I feel for you all with your bad colds, I am REALLY feeling for you that you are living with giardia - GROSS! I hope everything passes (pun kind of intended) soon!!

Anne said...

I probably shouldn't tell you this but I'm STILL coughing after 5 weeks. Less every day, but it's still unbelievably drawn-out. Summer colds are so awful -- hope yours is very short-lived!! XOXO