David gone for 4 days.
Buddy has had 6 accidents in the house.
We had 2 hailstorms and 3 inches of rain this week.
Paid good money for something I shouldn't have because I'm a pushover... (why, Cathy, why?)
Forgot to take the wet wash out of the laundry machine so now it's moldy.
Still waiting for the contractor to finish.
Ran out of milk.
Ran out of COFFEE (good grief).
Need a vacation.


Kate said...

It's Saturday - time to put the mistakes behind you and go forward - what's something fun you could do today?
Have a delightful time with your kids and soon Unca David will be home!
We have many of those kinds of days here too - but my other parent friends always remind me that the good days outnumber (and outweigh) the bad ones!

Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

YIKES!!! To run out of COFFEEE - I just couldn't imagine that! Just remember, this too shall pass. You can get through this!!!! Check your cabinet - you should have some chocolate chips you can eat -- that'll make everything ALLLL better! :-)

jayme said...

vegas, vegas, vegas...