Things I Will Not Miss About This Summer

  • Moving. I hope to never, ever do it again.
  • Carver's insatiable desire to build things. He actually walked into the room and asked, "Mom, can I have some wire cutters?" My friend Annamarie was with me and she can validate this.
  • Getting a dog. Yes, I like the dog. Yes, I'm glad we got the dog. But the first 48 hours about killed me.
  • Hearing "Mom, I'm bored" exactly 11 seconds after we walk in the door after playing like crazy at the playground.
  • Large spiders.
  • Shaving my legs. I mean, if I'm wearing a bathing suit I can only expect so much grace from society at large.
  • Going from the warm outside into a store with air conditioning cranked up so high I need wool socks to keep frostbite off my toes.
  • Looking for appropriate sandals for an 8 year old girl that are neither a) high heeled b) Hannah Montana themed c) bedazzled or d) trampy. I'm still searching.

Things I Will Miss

  • Sitting by the pool, drinking iced tea, watching my kids act like dolphins.
  • Putting the kids to bed when it finally gets dark (10:00 pm) and smelling summer in their hair.
  • Going barefoot.
  • Watching Carver build things, sans wire cutters.
  • The excitement of a new house and new beginnings.
  • Hummingbirds.
  • Cutting up watermelon, dumping pretzels in a bowl, and calling it dinner.
  • Late night chats with David while he watches baseball games and pretends to hear me.
  • Hearing about my kids' experiences at camp.
  • Spontaneity.

What about you?


Vivi said...

Awesome lists, Cathy.

Things I will not miss...putting on sunscreen, changing poopy swim diapers, taking a shower only to immediately start sweating when I go outside, ants all over popsicle drips, arguing about NOT getting something from the ice cream truck.

Things I will miss...lazy days at the beach with the kids, windows wide open on those perfect days (like today!), being light out until 9:30, putting the kids down late knowing we don't have to wake them early for anything, glee on their faces when we say "yes, we can get something from the ice cream truck.".

J-momma said...

uh...#1 thing i will not miss...cleaning sand out of kids hair!

#1 thing i will miss...watching my son drink water from the hose, getting soaked, and laughing hysterically as it goes up his nose and all over his face :)