friday night

(vintage sunglasses, circa 1980--they were my dad's)
Friday nights here are unpredictable and boring. David has the lovely job of chaperoning a dance--oh the joys of being a high school administrator. So he's off watching teenagers trying to suppress their raging hormones and I am home with three children trying to suppress their need to drive each other bananas. The first week of school was fantastic. Really, I couldn't have asked for a better start. I love, love, LOVE public education and love our elementary school so much I could cry. Our kiddo with dyslexia is doing well. We are setting them up to succeed and then (hopefully) going to step back a little bit to see what they can really achieve on their own. Most importantly, they need to learn how to communicate to their teacher by themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed or unable to do an assignment. Zinabu survived his first week of kindergarten. He's a little tired and probably constipated from having to squeeze his mouth shut all day to keep from talking, but other than that he's wonderful.

And many thanks for all the compliments on my hair. Really. Those comments will get me through many a grouchy day. Yes, I chopped my hair off. I got so tired of staring at magazine covers of models with long locks, mocking my thin, stringy hair. Why (even now) am I still so concerned about my hair? I confess, I am. I know it's shallow and stupid and there are other things in this world to worry about, but my hair is a constant disappointment. So I cut it off--to make it easier and, hopefully, to not think about it as much. Perhaps when I'm 80 I won't care so much what I look like. Is it possible?


Melodie Monberg said...

I had meant to tell you that I loved your haircut when I saw the first day of school pictures. I've had my hair every length and after seeing your cute cut, am very tempted to cut my own again!

Mark and Sarah said...

I hear ya on the Friday night business--I truly hope it's just a season.

And you are a hot mama, period.

Vivi said...

Glad to hear the school year is off to a great start, and heaven help the dance chaperones...a job I do NOT envy!

Nothing wrong with wanting cute hair. I think we'd all agree you are not a shallow girl...so you're allowed some indulgences to be a wee bit obsessed with your hair (hey..."wee bit"...is that kind of British sounding? yes?).