It's All In A Name

We recently had dear friends visit (whom I adore so, so much!) and because we hadn't seen them in 3 years, they had not yet met Zinabu face-to-face. We keep in touch through email and our blogs, so Annamarie was surprised when she heard me say Zinabu's name aloud. It occurred to me that I need to give a phonetic pronunciation of Z's name. The emphasis is on the second syllable: zi-NAAAAAA-boo. It isn't ZI-naboo. So I'm sorry if I've had you all reading and pronouncing his name wrong for the last 2.5 years.
What's on my plate today? Well, David is in Breckenridge for 4 days so I am supremom on call. I also get to keep the dog from licking his nether regions for the next few days while he heals from his surgery. I'm thinking cereal for dinner.


Old Men Reflect said...

Not a problem. I thought his name was, from the Native American:
He who talks. Which always emphasizes the second syllable.

hotflawedmama said...

I just laughed at "Old Man Reflect"'s comment. That's just hilarious. I love Zinabu's name!

Good luck with the dog thing. Mine wouldn't stop so we had to get one of those neck circle things. Classy.

Cereal for dinner gets such a bad rap. I'm a fan.

Vivi said...

I was totally saying it wrong in my head every time I read it - thanks for the tutorial. I bet Annamarie ADORED the kids. I hope you guys had fun.

Cereal = yummy dinner, easy for mom. Had it for dinner last night myself.