Weird Things I've Said Today

What did the dog just eat? What was that?
Is it too early in the morning to watch Harry Potter?
I can't fly because I just can't, Zinabu!
No, you can't build a ramp with firewood.
Why are you wearing your bathing suit for breakfast?
I don't know why ticks exist.
Just try the stairs, Buddy. Just try.
I don't think you can make a living riding your scooter. Sorry.
Eating oatmeal all day long isn't very healthy.
What was that sound? Was that Zinabu?
We don't need napkins tonight. Just eat.


J-momma said...

i've had moments like those.

hotflawedmama said...

I think there's a camera in my house and you stole those from me.

Love the pics of the pup!!! Oh joy!

Vivi said...

You just made me feel a little more normal, but reading someone else's list of strange things said made me laugh.