The Sandbox

We have had a sandbox for the last 8 years and we were so spoiled by it. True, I've had a fair share of sand clean-up in those years, but the hours my kids have spent playing together digging and creating are priceless. Our new house has a very woodsy landscape. There's no grass but there's plenty of great places to play--but we were sorely missing our sand. David and I walked around the property several times, looking for the perfect place to build our new sand utopia. We decided on a sloping area off the back porch. We made it a family project and all worked together to dig trenches for the lumber, clear the foundation, and spread sand. In reality, David and I worked a wee bit harder than the kids, but everyone helped in theory nonetheless.

Clearing pine needles and rocks. Zinabu is "misting" us when we got hot.

Three musketeers pretending to work.

Our new house is in a very quiet, private neighborhood where there are no children but tons of retired couples that have fallen in love with our family. Here are Charlie and Kathy talking to David. Charlie loaned us his 6 wheeler to haul the 1 ton of sand we bought from the street up to the sandbox. Our new neighbors are wonderful.

The hill from the street up to the sandbox that we were going to have to traverse with wheelbarrows. God bless the invention of the 6 wheeler!

One ton of sand only goes so far. We plan to add more in smaller portions as we are able.

A quick break with a surgical glove. Don't ask.

Breaking in the new sandbox! Anyone want to come play?


jayme said...

uhm, yes! (you guys are so awesome!)

Shannon said...

Sandboxes are wooooooooondeeeeeeeeeeerrrfuuuuuuuul. Ours has saved my sanity more than once (in spite of all the grit that gets carried into the house). The fact that it got rowdy kids OUT of the house is FANTASTIC! We will DEFINITELY be building a new one at our new house in the next couple of weeks too!

Vivi said...

Fun!! When can we come?!?!?!

Old Men Reflect said...

How about a zipline from the patio to the botom of the gulch?