I am sitting outside Lily's room while she tries to fall asleep. My kids canNOT sleep when they have stuffy noses. They think the only way you can sleep is by breathing through your nose and if you have to breathe through your mouth... well, fuggedaboutit. I realize that mouth-breathing isn't the most comfortable way to catch your Zs, but if that's all you can do, then suck it up and get crackin' sister! So anyway, I am sitting outside Lily's room listening to her NOT breathing through her mouth and slowly suffocating with a stuffy nose and I realize I have nothing to offer you in the way of blog posts. So let me just go through my photos stored on the computer and see what I can find...

This is not Halloween, but somehow my kids are sitting around piles of candy in our old living room. I cannot remember what this was. Edit: D's mom was kind enough to point out the plastic eggs in the picture. I'm a little slow.

This is often how she looks at him--part confusion, part annoyance.

I took this while driving. Passed out cold!

From Lily's roller skating party. Very groovy.

Those suckers hurt when they hit you.

Is it just me or do I look constipated?

Forced family fun while camping.

Zinabu in the background. Rabid stuffed beaver in the foreground.
Disneyland Tiki Room. Looks kinda scary the longer I stare at it.
The man I married.
Letting my kids sit on the counter while playing with sharp objects??? What is this?
Carver in the face-painting stage. Every day, people. Every single day.


Christina said...

Hmmm...plastic eggs and pastel colored candy...what could that first picture be?!


Christina said...

And I want to know your tips on raising creative kids. Seriously. They are amazing!!!

cathy said...

in my defense, it was late last night. so, duh, i guess that was easter candy.

Mama Papaya said...

Lovin' these pictures. :)