Believe it or not, my next post was going to be about Buddy. About how he's growing on me and how I've kinda started to like him. About how he went from maniac spaz to well-trained and nice. Even how he has these cute little quirks like drooling when you get his dinner ready or sitting in Zinabu's car seat in the van. But I came home today to a dog that chewed up my favorite pair of shoes. Somewhere in his intestines there is a strap--with a buckle. How he got that down his gullet I'm not sure. He was also napping on my underwear--dragged it out of laundry. Was that meant to endear him to me?


Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

This was his way of showing YOU just how much he truly does love you! He chose YOUR shoes and YOUR undies over everyone else's!!! How lucky you are to have the love and affection of such a sweet animal.....you're his favorite!

Vivi said...

Oh and those are CUTE shoes! Maybe you can salvage them???? You might have to do some digging, um, in your yard. :) Ew.

How can you not love a dog who naps on your undies. Or do the English say skivvies?