Colorado State Fair
The Colorado State Fair, in a word, blows. Having come from Minnesota where the State Fair is second only to the Virgin Birth, Colorado's version is always a letdown. We knew this going in, though, so our expectations were pretty low. The kids had a great time, which was important.

Z somehow spoke the goose's language and could get it to honk at him.

Panning for gold. It was hot that day and sticking our arms in the water was actually a relief.

Forced smile.

The Lego station where you could build and exchange H1N1 germs. .

We were tired by mid-afternoon and took a break on the Beef Cart.

This picture cracks me up. All three kids sitting in rapt attention at the goat judging.

Carver and Zinabu waiting in line for a turn in the hamster balls.

Zinabu--so excited!!!

That's my oldest in there!

We are a family that always puts safety FIRST!!!!!!!

Zinabu and Lily, in the 5th row, having a ball.

My family--crazy socks and all, headed to the Disco Fever attraction. It was like a hypnotic force we couldn't avoid.


Vivi said...

Oh it doesn't look that bad...I mean there's a beef cart afterall. They can't all be as good as MN's fair. :) Z's socks rock.

Mark and Sarah said...

You all look like you had a ball--don't try to tell us it was lame. :)

Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

OK...I'm COMPLETELY jealous about the "hamster balls"! I've wanted to go in one of those since I first saw them....and I cracked up with the picture of Z and the rabbits -- Safety First, folks!! :-) Although I can tell it's nowhere NEAR the quality of the MN State Fair (trust me, no state can compare), it does look as though you had a good time as a family!

hotflawedmama said...

I laughed the whole time. Any blog post about H1N1 is okay with me.

J-momma said...

your rabbit picture reminds me of our trip to a farm where there's a big sign on the donkey pen that says "I bite". mateo runs, before i saw the sign, straight to the donkey and sticks his hand right in the donkeys mouth. he got bit, then laughed and kept trying to do it again. i should have taken a picture. yup! safety first for us too!