Recently Overheard

Me: Look kids, the firemen are outside the store with their boots, collecting spare change for a good cause. Let's find some coins to give to them

Carver: Yay!

Lily: Yay!

Zinabu: Well, I don't think I want to give them any money because they haven't done anything for me. I mean, they've never saved my life or put out a fire I started or anything... I don't think I need to give them money because they don't work for me.

I think I know what we're working on this week.


Vivi said...

Sure am glad to know that comments like that don't just come out of my house.

Old Men Reflect said...

Has Z been listening to Rush Limbaugh?

Stacy said...

that's pretty hysterical. some kids can be so darn literal.