Update (*With Edit*)
You'll be happy to learn I stood my ground on the trophy drama. Last night I took Zinabu to a T-ball game and found the woman who was collecting money for trophies. Very discreetly I explained that David and I felt trophies at this age was a little excessive (gross understatement) and she didn't need to order one for Z. I asked if anyone else had decided not to purchase a trophy.


So after the last T-ball game, we'll make a mad dash for the car while all the other 4 and 5 year olds are bestowed with goody bags, team photos, and trophies (insert puking noises).

**I just told a friend that I hope I didn't make anyone who likes rewards and trophies feel badly about it. I think it comes with the perspective we have from Carver and Lily. They've been rewarded for everything you can imagine in their young lives, and recently when Carver made the honor roll he asked, "Do I get a prize?" It seems they've lost the ability to work hard for the sake of working hard. Because Zinabu is our youngest, we're coming at this issue with a different mindset.

Zinabu can hit the ball off the T like a cannon, and he had a fabulous time at the game last night. He takes outfiielding very seriously, too, and treats grounders with the utmost attention. He's got a good arm, too. I'm surprised at how coordinated he is, given his gigantoid growth spurt his first year in the United States. He grew so tall, so fast, it's a miracle he can find his own two feet.

Our plans for the rest of the day are to CLOSE ON OUR OLD HOUSE and then go to Carver's baseball game. Can you believe we survived this housing market and are actually closing? We feel incredibly blessed. That means I can sleep well tonight and take more pictures of the new house tomorrow. For now, I leave you with this quote from Zinabu:

Mom, I didn't wear underwear today because I wanted to get a head start when I was getting dressed. But you were right... it hurts to not wear underwear.


Vivi said...

Well, good for you for standing your ground to make the decision that you think is right for your child and your family. While I don't feel as strongly as you do about the silliness of a trophy at this age, I most certainly understand your point of view and think it's more than reasonable (and for the record, would be totally fine with my kid NOT getting a trophy!).

This was something that had not even crossed my mind yet...why is this parenting thing so hard?!?!?

Anne said...

Good for you. I totally agree with you. Next we'll be giving them prizes for breathing.

And YAY!!! for closing on your house. I'm so glad it's gone smoothly for you!! Could you send some of that down here? :)

Mark and Sarah said...

Cathy, you are so cool. I wish I knew you in real life.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the trophy withholding! Both Isaac & Caleb just finished their baseball season - they LOVED every minute of it!

jayme said...

okay, first off, I just love you!

This is something we're really struggling with over here: how do we encourage our children to do the right thing *because it's the right thing to do* and not because they're going to get any special external reward for doing it.

It's driving me mad!

May everything go smoothly with the closing so you can really start to enjoy your summer!

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Good for you, I personally think you did a favor for you child and someday he will thank you for it.