Hardships On The Job
Humor me for a minute. Let's say you are a librarian and you're busy shelving books and a naked person walks up to you and begins chattering and bouncing around. You'd freak out, right? Or pretend you're a waitress and you approach your assigned table and all the customers are naked. You'd have a hard time concentrating, wouldn't you? Or perhaps you are a Target cashier and someone decided to sit on the checkout conveyor belt without a stitch of clothing. I'm guessing you'd run away as fast as you could.

Most days I enjoy my job of stay-at-home mom. But here's what I get when I try to put clean sheets on the bed. Where is the compensation?


Mark and Sarah said...

I love his enthusiasm for his birthday suit! I agree...so much of the cleanup seems in vain.

Vivi said...

There are few things in the world more precious than baby buns...but, well, that's not a baby and those aren't buns.

He is precious, but I'm a girl who appreciates clean sheets like nobody's buisness. So, big-naked-boy-on-bed wouldn't jive too well with me either. :)

hotflawedmama said...

I literally spit out my pizza on that. I wasn't so much turned out by the nudie-on-sheets as the spread eagle to camera. ;) teehee. I love kids.

Chatter said...

This is hilarious! I am not sure how old Z is (5ish? He seems so tall) but I love that he is still comfortable streaking through the house around you. Of course, in this situation, I am guessing you'd rather he not. :)