Excellent news: the inspection is done and we are all agreed on the terms before closing. Everything is set and I don't foresee any problems at this point that would cause our contract to fall through... which means we are MOVING! We can begin moving some of our things over starting Wednesday (fingers crossed). We had the entire basement renovated and added 2 bedrooms down there, so that's where the bulk of the work has been recently. On Monday they are scheduled to lay the carpet and flooring. Once that's in we can begin filling up those rooms with all our things. All 3 kids will have their bedrooms downstairs, so I plan to move their things first. Maybe even by next weekend, we can move the beds over and begin sleeping there. As far as the upstairs part of the renovation... there's still more to do but at least we're on the last stretch. We can live with it, certainly. I cannot even begin to tell you how ready we are to get going. This past week Carver and Lily and Z acted horrible. There is nothing to do here because things are getting packed up and they are ready to move to their new home but it's not quite time yet. That resulted in a lot of whining, crying, poking, hitting, sneering, time-outing. They are pretty desperate for their new routine and new home. I'll try to post some pics soon.


Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo!I can't wait!
Love, Set Ayat

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Yeah! I can't wait to see pictures. And that is wonderful that everything is underway with your closing. I still can't believe how fast you sold the house. Woohoo:)