2 More Days

I haven't updated much about our renovation/move because it's all I think about and I would just keep repeating the same thing over and over... that it's pretty crazy around here. We had hoped to have moved over to the new house last Saturday but the house wasn't ready yet. Well, it still won't be ready when we move, but it will be clean. Last Saturday there were still framing part of the back porch and there was sawdust everywhere. Most of the inside is 80% done. It's enough to make me start biting my nails again (which I'm doing) and not be able to sleep at night (again, I'm doing). It's 2 steps forward, 1 step back. For example, the light fixtures arrived with broken sconces so we have to replace them. The kitchen cabinet pulls I picked out don't work with some of the drawers that are close together. The bathroom vanity is on order. Bathrooms are not done at all. But the kids have their rooms and the office/guest bedroom addition is done and the upstairs living room has a new wall and patio door, so we are getting close. Our contractor promised that his cleaning crew would be there Thursday night and Friday morning to clean up what I'm sure is pounds of sawdust that is on everything. Our moving van is coming on Friday afternoon to load up our heavy furniture and beds. David and I have slowly been moving clothes, books, and small belongings to the new house all week, but as of Friday (that's 2 more days people!!!) we can begin sleeping there.

The kids are tired of it all. They're bored and I'm swamped. I haven't spent quality time with any of them in days. I feel terrible. Carver is in day camp this week, and the boys have baseball in the evenings, but Lily and Zinabu have suffered the most. I'll be happy when July rolls around and we're all settled in and the renovation is finished and I can wake up, make pancakes for the kids, and say "What do you want to do today?"

Our local thrift store has benefited greatly from our move. We've unloaded so much and been able to donate all kinds of items that we either don't need anymore or would be a duplicate of what my mom already owns. It has also been fun to begin putting things away in the new kitchen cupboards in the new kitchen. If you know me at all, you know that I tolerate cooking. Not really my thing, but I do it because my family needs to eat. But baking.... well, that's another story. So having all my baking supplies ready to go is wonderful.

I've promised to post pictures, but I need to actually take photos first. Maybe on Saturday? We'll see. In the meantime, think of me fondly while I slowly go insane.


Mark and Sarah said...

I get happy thoughts when I think of you in your new home with your mom and lots of space and no moving on the horizon. It seems like a whole new world is about to unfold. I wonder if you'll pick up your business again too...even small bits--for fun. Do you miss it (or even have time to miss it?).

Vivi said...

Yay! Home stretch girl. I can't wait to see the pics. Maybe you can channel your nail-biting energy back to the brows...it's been a few weeks, right?