Longest Post Ever?
I finally found my camera and (even better) cord to upload photos. Let's start at the very beginning, shall we? My mom's old storage room. You entered through the downstairs (at that time, only) bedroom--past the closet. We used all that storage area to create 2 new bedrooms for the boys.

Your basic cement floor and walls--no windows at all. Seeing the frames go up was wonderful and allowed us to start picturing what the bedrooms would look like.

Zinabu's room on the left, Carver's room on the right. In between we added a linen closet and small landing area.

Lily's room now. This was the existing bedroom in the basement, so the only work here was sealing off her closet that used to enter into the storage area. She loves blue. Loves it. I plan on painting some big circles on her walls in coordinating colors, and a big circle with chalkboard paint.

Lily's craft supplies. She is not into dolls or girly toys at all. She loves all things dog (um, you should know that by now) and crafts.

A reading chair! Every girl needs one.

Zinabu's room! Hard to believe this was once a cement room. When they put the windows in it was amazing how beautiful the room became. It doesn't feel like a basement room at all, because the windows are big. His reading chair--and you can see I went with an orange wall. The other walls are a light grey. I love the colors.

A beautiful view of the trees from Z's window.

Zinabu's bed and old desk. We have an old school map of Africa we'd like to frame and put on the wall.

Quite possibly my favorite features of the entire house. Double closets in both boys rooms. One holds clothes. One holds toys. Full of shelves and hanging rods, it makes me want to stand on a mountain top and sing Julie Andrews songs and spin around with joy. I am, uh, a bit of an organizing freak and get excited about closet space.

Carver's room. It's actually a big room that looks dwarfed in this photo. He has a ledge that runs around half his room, and he loves to put Star Wars action figures up there in various poses that reflect light saber duels gone bad. His room is also grey with one orange wall.

He got some built in bookcases that used to be the entry to the old storage area. On the other side of the bookcase is Lily's closet. Carver is a voracious reader, and when he's not reading with his eyes, he is listening to an audio book from the library. I love that he has a fantastic book collection already. It was with great sacrifice on my part that I allowed him the right to keep the Harry Potter books on his shelves.

In my room, the bathroom is being worked on. At least we have a toilet!!! David and I inherited the smallest bedroom and smallest closet, but we gain a bathroom. Remember at our old house ALL 5 OF US SHARED A BATHROOM!!!!! David and I feel like we won the lottery! (Cue more Julie Andrews.) Zinabu wanted to know what the plunger smelled like. What?

I am tired, but I am content. Tonight my mom cooked dinner for all of us. We love being together. And because we've renovated a lot of the house, it feels like my house too. It feels like we're living with my mom, but not that we're living in her house.
We're pretty happy.


Chatter said...

I LOVE the kids bedrooms. They look so good. I love that they each have a reading chair too. You guys rock! Seriously, it looks fantastic. And soooo cozy. I can't believe you posted pictures so soon. Thank you! Now get some sleep.

Vivi said...

It looks amazing already! You did a fantastic job with the kids' rooms. Love the color combos, comforters and reading chairs (I'm going to send you an email when the dust has settled to find out where you found these treasures!).

You had total vision going from an unfinished basement without windows to a little bedroom haven. Pat yourself on the back as you collapse into bed.

Mark and Sarah said...

What an incredible transformation! As one who has been in the home renovation business (just at my house) the last year, I can say that that was a huge feat, and in (relatively) so little time! I loev the light coming in to each room. Gosh, you'd never know it was a basement! I'd love to see more of the house...especially that kitchen! Not now though...after you've slept and slept.

Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

All I can say is....YAY!!!! That and -- the house looks fantastic! So glad you are able to live so CLOSE to your mom...it really does make a difference! Excellent job on the kids rooms too. I think it's great that they all have a reading area in their rooms!

Christina said...

Woohoo! I love the reading chairs, love the rooms, love it all. And I'm so pumped that you're almost FINISHED! Congrats, Mama. Now what day did David book for your spa treatment? ;)

Melodie Monberg said...

I love what you showed with your house. I have a little boy who'd love that ledge for his Star Wars characters. Some day we'll just have to meet and get these kids together!

maxandpidge said...

WOW! All of the rooms look fantastic and so organized. I absolutely LOVE that each child has a reading nook. So happy for you guys that you are moved and have the entire summer ahead to enjoy your new digs. Honestly, it is my dream to live with my family sometime, so jealous! Now go have some wine because NOW is the time for at least three glasses. :)

jayme said...

Yay! everything looks incredible and I'm so, so happy to hear that the transition has been such a wonderful one for everyone involved.

now, please post some video footage of the singing and spinning

Old Men Reflect said...

Dudette - just awesome

Mama Papaya said...

Welcome home!

Anne said...

Wow! What a transformation! Everything looks wonderful and I'm thrilled to hear that you're happy in your new place!!!!!

(At least Zinabu asked you what the plunger smelled like -- which means that he didn't already know! :) )