Boo Hoo!
Today is the last day of our winter break. School starts tomorrow. Busy schedules start tomorrow. Getting up way too early starts tomorrow. I have had such a lovely time with my kids. As hard as it is at times to have 3 people 9 and under talking at me all at once, we have had the most relaxing 2 weeks. We tried to do something fun each day, even if it was just go to the library or playground, but we wanted to make sure we were actually using vacation time for a fun vacation. The Nature and Science museum in Denver was the biggest hit with Zinabu. Seeing dinosaur bones topped every other activity. It's really snowing outside right now--another storm the "weather-powers-that-be" failed to predict--so after church I plan to read with hot chocolate and play loads of Go Fish, Candyland, Guess Who, Monopoly, and whatever else the kids want to do.


Orrange said...

oh it's not snowing here at all yet.... thanks for the heads up!

Heather & Adam said...

Okay, so I am settling into this staying at home thing and I am REALLY ready to stop focusing on trying to clean the house and start doing fun stuff! It's really hard! I can't even keep the laundry caught up and I am barely working! I suck at all things domestic apparently. I just wanna play. Sigh! How do you do it, huh??