Lily went out with my mom, and the boys and I went to The Ghost Town Museum. Very "wild west" and completely touristy, but who says you can be a tourist in your own hometown? On the way home Carver and Zinabu discussed boogers and ways to beat up an intruder if they ever tried to rob us. I whispered quiet words to myself and ignored them. I snuck in a little Women's World Cup action, played card games with Z, watched the rain and lightning as the power went out, cursed when the power came back on and realized I had to cook dinner, made a killer vegetable risotto and pot pie, and only said "Pick up your socks" three times today.

All in all, a winner!


Chatter said...

Please send your t'storms my way. I'm so sick of the dry, boring, extremely hot, OK climate. Yuck. Your days sounds lovely. I'd love if you started blogging about food. You are a fabulous cook!

hotflawedmama said...

mmmm vegetable risotto sounds delic!

Vivi said...

So good to be a tourist in your own town! I forget to do that.

Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I said "Pick up your socks..."