Meet My New Friend
The only good mirror in my house is in my bathroom, so enjoy the
lovely towel in the backdrop.

I have been wanting a new (real) camera for about a year now. I loved the quality of pictures I knew I could get with a Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera. I also loved the idea of buying one now and practicing with it before our big trip across the pond so that I could actually know what I was doing while stalking Colin Firth photographing London. I hated the price, though. Upwards of $700.00. Also, I hated the learning curve. I have no photography experience whatsoever, and as I Googled my way through reviews and manuals, I had no clue what they were reviewing half the time. White balance? ISO? Aperture? It appeared more difficult than an engine review of a car.

Two things were in my favor, though. Time and a desire to buy used. My good friend Ebay did not disappoint, and after browsing for a few weeks I found a refurbished Canon Rebel XTi with extras for almost half the cost of a new one. High five, baby. Now I have lots and lots of time to decode the manual and practice and enjoy it. I would say at this point I have a most basic, basic, basic understanding of how it works, but I've got miles to go. We are going to the Grand Canyon in a couple weeks and that will be my big test.

But for now, please enjoy the photo of me with my comfy brown vest and damp orange towel backdrop. Worth every penny, don't you think?


Mark and Sarah said...

Congrats on your camera! You're going to love it. Now, what I really wanted to comment on is YOUR HAIR!!! It looks awesome!

hotflawedmama said...

Yay! I love mine and I'm just as much as a novice as you are. Truly, I know I could do better things with it and stuff but for me, it take pretty enough pictures and that's enough. :)

And I agree with Sarah, your hair! Woot!

Holmes PTSA said...
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cathy said...

Sarah-you kill me. My hair is still shorter than yours.

jayme said...

Congrats on the new camera, you'll have so much fun with it! But I also specifically wanted to comment on how long and lovely your hair is! (I'm sending a theme among these comments!)

Vivi said...

I have the same camera - LOVE it (even though I still have tons to learn too!).

And who ever said towels don't make a good backdrop?!?!?