Happy Monday
For all my excitement over my new camera, it's too bad I forgot to take it on our hike this weekend, or to take photos of Lily and Carver at the skateboard park, or of David's head that he had shaved because the students at his school raised enough money for a pediatric cancer fundraiser. 

We survived the weekend. We were cooped up for 90% of it, with all three kids suffering from the same nasty (but short-lived) virus. We're supposed to get a big snowstorm today/tomorrow, so if there's no school tomorrow we will go swimming or bowling or spelunking or something just to get the heck out of this house. I'm actually getting a tiny bald spot on the back of my head where I have been slowly tearing my hair out.

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Old Men Reflect said...

Talent and love combined make superstars.

Love and hardwork make for happy people.