A Little Music
This weekend was the all-city orchestra concert for elementary students. Lily was able to participate and she had so much fun getting dressed up and playing her cello. I remember when we first began music lessons with each of our kids it was overwhelming. Trying to remember to practice and to get to lessons and find the music that they left all over the house just added more headaches to my day. But our persistence has paid off. Carver is a born musician--he loves it and it's one of the best parts of his day. Lily and Z play well, sometimes reluctantly, and are getting better each day. Zinabu is still 100% tone deaf, and that is why he is playing the drums. Just so you know.
A quick smile for me. Can you tell how nervous she was?

Last minute look at her music. You can't be too careful with "Hot Cross Buns."

Can you see her? Yeah. Me neither.


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oh me and Zinabu could sing together and break some serious glass. This is good news. :) She is precious. Wish I could hear it!