Counter Culture
We have worked extremely hard at keeping our kids young and as uninfluenced by the world as possible. It has not been easy. It's a day-to-day exercise in patience, determination, and practicing the art of saying "no." We want them to think that the coolest thing they could ever do is just be themselves. As they get older, we want them to be secure enough in themselves to decide what parts of the world they want to be involved in, but for now we like to keep a buffer between them and said world. For instance, if Lily were to listen to what the world says, she would be wearing fishnet stockings and listening to Justin Bieber. And she's 9. See what I mean?

Our kids may or may not win popularity contests. This may or may not hurt their feelings. But will they be well-rounded and okay with who they are? I certainly hope so. We want them to try all manner of sports, activities, cultures, hobbies, and opportunities. The world is so much bigger than video games and football.

Carver loves orchestra and he loves music. Carver had the chance to perform in front of a panel of judges with his bass. He and his two fellow bass players from school picked a piece as a trio, and today was their performance. They rocked it. It makes me so proud.
Waiting for his name to be called.

He was incredibly nervous.

Zac, Carver, and Katrina. After receiving the highest score from the judge. Are they not the cutest little
bass players you've ever seen? 


jayme said...

Well, I think you have *the* coolest kids. I love that they're so free to explore what the world has to offer (while bypassing the mass-marketed junk...) That's the path I'm trying really hard to follow with my two. And it's not easy. Already I can see that. But it is worth it!

Also, speaking of hair, I'm totally digging Carver's hair in these pictures! He's a very handsome guy!

cathy said...

Thanks, Jayme. His head was shaved at the beginning of the school year (he liked it short) but now he's trying to see how long it will get. His curls make me jealous.

hotflawedmama said...

Love him. I saw that second picture and actually got the nervous feeling in MY belly. He is really too, too precious.

We want the same things for our kids. Being cool is totally overrated, especially when considering those people are generally referred to as "douchebags" as they grow older. ;) Kidding, of course.

I think Carver is the coolest. And I think that is too awesome that he did so well!

And his hair looks like Bini's hair. I'm always saying, "Oh I want your curlies Binyam!"