Giddy Up
Lily's love for dogs is surpassed only by her love for horses. David and I joke that we come in a distant third. Or fourth, if you count gerbils. This weekend David took the boys skiing, and Lily, my mom, and I galloped off to Denver to see the Horse Stock Show. (Do you like my horse analogy? Galloped? Get it?) Now, I am not a horse gal. Not so much. But because it makes Lily so happy, and because Colorado is still such a great place for rodeos, ranchers, and the Cowboy lifestyle (is there such a term as Cowboy lifestyle?) it just makes sense that we would take advantage of something like a horse show. Do horses fall into the category of "culturally rich"? Please say yes.
In her utter element.

She discovered the miniature horses. Guess how many times she asked if we could buy one? If you guessed 67, you're not even close.
See the horses? The cowboy? Lily? The perfect storm.
She's my girl.


hotflawedmama said...

Oh I admire her passion. Don't you miss having passion like that?

our passions as adults seem to be quite lackluster comparatively. :(

My guess was going to be 156

jayme said...

I just love this girl more and more! I grew up with horses and rode pretty seriously for a lot of years. I still miss it. Horses are like giant dogs (except they don't bark or jump up on you). Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure Jon owes me a horse from some bet he lost long, long ago... I'm gonna have to call that one in!

By the way, my word verification is "dishes". What the heck?!? I cannot escape...

Old Men Reflect said...

A girl after my heart. When Arapaho Downs opens this summer, we will have her go to the track with Uncle Jim. She will also discover that Uncle Jim likes horses.

We can help Lily with her statistical analysis skills.